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  1. I do not think your paper has equal coverage of republican views . It is obviously a Democrat paper. If you are going to make big write ups about how much money the secret service was charged from Trump there should have been equal coverage on how much President Obama spent in the same time frame which I am sure is more. He traveled every where on big elaborate trips with his family that was very costly. I remember hearing about how much money it was costing for the secret service to go with him on all these family trips.

  2. In response to Susan Todd-Raque
    In your response to John Foster was a complete lie! Have you ever been to a gunshow? Dealers do background checks! Also you stated that automatic weapons are purchased there, owning a fully automatic weapon is illegal so what are you talking about? France has some of the strictest gun laws in the world and they killed hundreds of people with weapons that are banned. No matter what laws you make there will always be madmen who will break those laws. I just want to be able to defend me and my family without ignorant people trying to take the tools out my hands to do so!

    Derrick G. Callihan

  3. For the third time this year a Rabid Animal has been confirmed in Fannin County. On 14 April a homeowner about 5 miles outside the city limits of Blue Ridge on Aska Road shot and killed a rabid raccoon. I moved to Mineral Bluff in 98 and I believe that since I moved here there has been over 100 confirmed cases of rabies in Fannin County along with two different women being attacked by rabid foxes in Morganton. Two years ago my elderly uncle was attacked in his yard down in Woodstock, Ga. by a rabid feral cat that bit him while he was trying to break up a fight between it and his cat while he was feeding them on his porch. Being in his mid 80’s it was very painful for him to receive all of the shots he had to take to save his life. A woman in her mid 30’s that lived over in Flintstone, Ga. in Walker County in N.W. Ga. was moving and on her last trip was loading her pet cat into her car when it bit her. She just figured that the cat was freaking out over being placed into her car and didn’t think any more about it. A few days later she started running a high fever and went to a Walk-In Clinic where they treated her for the flu because it was flu season. Sadly to say that she passed away a few days later from rabies after not being treated for it after the doctor thought that she was just suffering from the flu. Not long after that Walker, Dade & Catoosa Counties along with DNR put out dog treats with the rabies vaccine in them from low flying airplanes and helicopters and throwing them out by hand in populated areas of the counties to vaccine the local wildlife from rabies. After doing so the numbers of rabid wildlife dropped big time in those counties. If the Fall of last year ( I believe it was in Sept.) just across the Tennessee State Line in Polk County, Tn. Polk Co. & Tn. DNR did the same thing of putting out bait that had been treated with the rabies vaccine. Just like the three counties in N.W. Ga. and in Polk County their County Commissioners cared about the welfare of the voters I mean the people of their counties by putting out the baited treats with the rabies vaccine in them. Not long after the four students at East Fannin Elementary had to take the rabies shots after playing with a bat on the play ground there which was right after the three counties here in Ga. had put out the treated bait I went to our County Commissioner and asked him why Fannin County didn’t do the same? He told me that he didn’t feel that there was a need to go so here in Fannin County. I guess that it will take someone’s child dying from rabies here in Fannin County before something is finally done about the high number of rabies here in Fannin County. Last March I lost two pets when my house burnt down and to both me and my daughter it felt just like losing two family members in the fire. I read where one local woman had to suffer through the pain and suffering that she had felt when her husband passed away after having to put his dog to sleep after it was attacked by a rabid animal. One of his last words to her on his death bed was to look out for and take care of his dog after his death. To her that dog kept his memory alive and now like her husband his dog is gone also. How many family members (pets) across Fannin County have had to be put down after getting attacked in their own yards by rabid wildlife? How many more will have to be put down after being attacked by rabid wildlife in their own yards? How many more people will have to suffer through rabies shots after being attacked in their own yards by rabid wildlife before the County Commission finally does something about it like Polk Co. Tn. and a number of other counties across Georgia did because they care about the voters and their children in their counties??? Maybe they should watch the Disney movie Old Yeller again where at the end of it the boy was forced to shot hid hound dawg after it getting attacked by a rabid animal so maybe they will think about all of the children and their parents that have cried and had their hearts broken after having to put their family pets down after being attacked by a rabid animal while tied up in their own yards. If our County Commissioners do not care enough about the health and welfare of the voters and their families here in Fannin County to do anything about it instead of just caring about who can and can not hire and fire county employs them just maybe we should get rid of them and vote in someone new that does care about the people and their pets here in Fannin County. Blessed Be to all. Keevin Prince Mineral Bluff, Ga.

  4. Racism: Will it / Can it be Resolved?
    President Obama suggests an open discussion on racism. I’ll go first…
    Good title question. Will it? If the people want to. Can It? Ditto to the first answer. Racism, bigotry, and hatred have been around since the beginning of mankind. Unfortunately, these nasty traits humans wildly, stupidly possess will exist until the end of mankind. There was a time during my youth I used to say, “When my parent’s generation finally dies off, we’ll have fewer bigots.” I admit, I was naïve, and idealistic. In high school, before I was moved to a new school, my best friend was black. I was depressed leaving her. When I wanted to try out for the school musical, I sought choreography lessons from a black boy. Because of this friendship, I was voted against becoming a cheerleader. Not that I suffered hurt or pain from that demotion in life—being a cutesy, ditsy cheerleader wasn’t on my list of high school achievements. It was my mother’s desire. She was furious I caused this embarrassment to the family in the aftermath of phone calls from her friends. I was the typical sassy teenager, but that night of parental admonishment, I was scorned. Nearly fifty years later I have no regrets telling my mother in a calm, restrained tone, “if you and your Christian friends really believe you’re gonna get in heaven with your hatred, think again.” Hardly profound, but I was only sixteen.
    While this contempt toward fellow man/woman/child continues, my idealist self believed only the stupid and un-educated instilled hate. This is what I taught my children anyway. I still believe this. We were a divided nation with O.J. and Rodney King. Over the years, in my conversations, admission O.J. was guilty by blacks and whites admit unnecessary aggression by police with Rodney King has resolved in peace. I trust educated people realize the recent decisions not to indict police officers in Ferguson and New York of mis-conduct was a gross injustice. The same injustice resulting in the Trayvon Martin trial.
    The Huffington Post was quick to point out shock and awe over all the Conservatives who quickly ranted their disgust with these decisions as though they gained souls. Let me point out an angle the Huff Post won’t admit. Closet bigots exist among Democrats. Racists are not just Republicans. I personally know these closet bigots. I’m confident they held their noses to vote for Obama. You know who you are.
    I’ve met enough people in my life, I can say with absolute—hatred is not owned by white people. It is owned by every ethnic and religious background across the globe. I have heard Black men refer to Mexicans as “border monkeys;” Blacks who dislike Blacks because they aren’t “Black” enough. Asians trash Blacks and Hispanics; Hispanics from Central and South America trash Mexicans and Blacks; and the all American white man soldier on their way to combat refer to middle eastern people as “sand niggers.” As a child, I heard “Wop, Chink, Polack derogatory to Italians, Chinese and Polish. I can’t leave out “Nigra” by the uppity whites of the south. The slurs were wrong then just as the pejorative expressions are today. Different slang, same contempt.
    To believe only White people are responsible for hatred is a strong denial of facts. All one needs for confirmation of hatred in the world is the news stories reporting atrocities in other countries.
    The end to bigotry, racism or hatred will never come about. At best, the ignorant must own up to it and agree to a mutual respect. Then maybe, just maybe a peaceful society will evolve. Idealistically, that is.

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