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County Attorney Makes a Mint

Debi Holcomb, Fannin Sentinel Staff Writer


By Debi Holcomb, Fannin Sentinel Staff Writer

After questioning a check for over half a million dollars to Doss & Associates, which ended up being for real estate purchased by Fannin County, I wanted to know just how much our County Attorney made from county entities.

The Water Authority reported paying Doss & Associates $7,437 on January 16 for administrative matters. $700 on February 20 for Blue Ridge well and $6,343.75 also on February 20 for administrative matters.

March 21 a check was issued for $3,237.50 for SPLOST Nature Courtyard and $6,737.50 for administration.

April 18, Doss received a check for $6,562.50 for Lake Cove and others in addition to a check for $5,206.25 for investigation.

$5,425 was issued May 16 for opening discussions with Natures Courtyard and $4,593.75 for discussions with Blue Ridge. June 21, Doss received $4,025 for more discussions with Blue Ridge and $5,075 for even more discussions with Blue Ridge.

$3,587.50 was issued for Lake Cove easements. A check for $4,257.75 on August 22 was issued for Lake Cove administrative matters.

These are just the checks written for the first eight months of 2019. An invoice for January, February and March was given to the Water Authority in the July meeting for over $10,000 that I do not have copies of.

This means $63,189 was paid to Doss & Associates in just eight months by only one county entity.

Board of Education issued a check for $13,156.25 on July 18 and $16,300 on August 29. That is another nearly $30,000 earned.

Board of Commissioners pay the County Attorney $2,854 twice a month or $68,496 annually. This does not include any additional fees should the County encounter a lawsuit, nor does it include the funds paid to husband Harry Doss.

Each entity is a part-time job as you cannot work for three organizations and give each your full attention.

Surrounding counties do not pay anywhere near what our county pays for legal services. Remember, our county attorney only serves at the pleasure of the Chairman, not the whole board.

Not sure who she serves for the Water Authority nor the Board of Education. I think a budget cut needs to happen for 2020, but that is just my OPINION.

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