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Fannin County Schools begin a new year with newer, safer school buses

  • August 6, 2019
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By Elaine Owen, Editor

Earlier this year, a flaw was discovered
in the law that allowed drivers to
bypass the school bus stop arm while
kids got on and off the bus.
Governor Brian Kemp signed the fix
of the Georgia bus legislation into law
April 2, 2019.
Senate Bill 25 only allows motorists
to drive past a stopped school bus when
on the opposite side of a highway with
roadways “that are separated by a grass
median, unpaved area, or physical barrier.”
Motorists are advised that decreasing
speed will reduce serious hazards
and promote safety awareness. It is
important to follow these laws for the
safety of bus passengers, and all drivers
on the road as well. Failure to comply
can result in fines up to a $1000, up to
6 points on a driving record, and other
penalties. Promote safety awareness on
the road by being vigilant and aware of
these laws.
The Fannin County Board of Education
did more. Under the direction of the
Board of Education and Transportation
Director Denver Foster, all school buses
are outfitted with an Extended Stop
Arm for increased visibility.
Friday, Aug. 2, school personnel and
representatives from the Governor’s Office
of Highway Security (GOHS), the
Fannin County Sheriff’s Department,
Blue Ridge City Police Department,
McCaysville Police Department and
Georgia State Patrol were part of the
event showcasing a bus with the new
STOP ARM 6-foot extension fitted with
cameras and a license plate reader.
The new buses and the added safety
equipment were paid for with Special
Purpose Local Option Sales Tax
(SPLOST) funds.
Fannin County Schools Superintendent
Dr. Michael Gwatney said, “I appreciate
very much you all coming out
for the multi-system directional to keep
our kids safe. On behalf of Fannin County
Schools, I thank you for that. We’re
getting ready to start a new school year
Wednesday. Buses will be rolling and
it’s important to us that folks know and
understand that these Stop Arms on
school buses will keep our kids safe.”