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David Ralston Re-Elected as Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives

David Ralston Re-Elected as Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives

By Kaleb McMichen

David Ralston Re-Elected as Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives
David Ralston Re-Elected as Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives

ATLANTA – Speaker David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) was re-elected by the members of the House of Representatives as Speaker for the 2019-2020 legislative session today. Speaker Ralston was unanimously nominated by the Majority Caucus and he was unopposed for the position.
After his election, Speaker Ralston addressed the House of Representatives during the proceedings of the first day of the legislative session. In his remarks, Speaker Ralston pledged to defend the integrity and independence of the House of Representatives. He also described his vision of Georgia – one that is always moving forward.
“The Georgia I know and love is a busy place,” said Speaker Ralston. “It is standing tall and proud as the envy of other states. It is busy creating jobs and better opportunities for all our citizens regardless of where they live. It is busy lifting up our schools so they are safe places where our children get an education that is second to none.”
Speaker Ralston continued to say, “It is not a state that expects the government to take care of everything – but simply to create a climate which incentivizes opportunity, creates good jobs and embraces the change which is going on about us every day.”
Speaker Ralston has served as 73rd Speaker of the House of Representatives since 2010. He represents the citizens of the 7th House District which encompasses Fannin and Gilmer counties and a portion of Dawson County. During his remarks, Speaker Ralston thanked his constituents for the opportunity to serve them and the community they call home.
“I must also thank the people of the 7th House District in Fannin, Gilmer and Dawson Counties for their friendship, their support, their trust and their prayers,” said Speaker Ralston. “I am blessed to represent such good people – people who have inspired and shaped me along the way.”

One thought on “David Ralston Re-Elected as Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives”

  1. Georgia is the Human Trafficking capital of the world because its legal in Georgia via our sold out court systems! Even judges have their hands in the trafficking honey pot! The RFRA law will be what takes this system to its knees!

    Pastors, Mr. Ralston needs forgiveness! Hes sold out our judicial system, hes making commissions from GDOC human capital AND hes lying about RFRA!! Mr. McKoon and Mr. Ralston should be tried for treason but I trust their fate is sealed with God!

    We do need to protect our freedoms in Georgia but once these Rev 2:9 phoneys get away with the RFRA like they did when for profit corporations took over our law enforcement and courthouses – we wont have those rights within the constitution.

    @BrianKemp and other so called “Constitutional” Republicans have been pushing the RFRA Bill and it is clearly not what theyve been saying! Please go take a moment to read it! Its only about “compelling govt interest” which is the opposite of what they are selling!!

    Republicans claiming to be Constitutional and selling this to Pastors and Media as freedom – may just be fake Republicans!!

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