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Handel statement on Steel and Aluminum Tariff Announcement

Representative Karen Handel
Representative Karen Handel
Representative Karen Handel

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Representative Karen Handel (GA-6) released the following statement regarding the administration’s decision to institute tariffs on imported aluminum and steel for Europe, Canada, and Mexico.
“With lower taxes and relief from onerous regulations, the U.S. economy has been reignited. The administration’s decision to levy tariffs on steel and aluminum from Mexico, Canada, and Europe threatens to dampen this recent progress.
“I support President Trump’s goal to renegotiate agreements with our trading partners and champion the “America first” strategy, so that our farmers, businesses, and workers have a level playing field. Existing jobs and the creation of new jobs depend on the ability of U.S. companies to sell more American-made products and services.
“Mexico, Canada, and Europe are important allies and historical trading partners for Georgia and the nation. Today’s actions — and the inevitable retaliatory moves by these countries — will hurt working Americans, negatively affect our economy, and do not further the goal of fostering more equitable trade.
“These tariffs put at risk the significant gains that working Americans and local companies have rea-lized thanks to a more robust economy. American families and manufacturers should not be collateral damage in a global trading war. I urge the Trump Administration to reconsider these actions and, instead, extend the exemptions while continuing to negotiate a way forward that addresses the trade inequities for American exporters.”