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Fannin Excels at TSA Conference

By Bubba Gibbs

Congratulations to the Fannin County High School
(FCHS) and Fannin County Middle School (FCMS) students
who were able to compete from March 11th through
13th at the Technology Student Association (TSA) conference
in Athens, GA. The TSA State Conference hosts over
2,000 students competing in events ranging from robotics,
to electric cars, to public speaking. Both FCHS and FCMS
students were very successful at the conference with many
earning top 20 and top 10 finishes. Top 10 rankings earn the
students a trip to the stage to receive a top 10 pin. 1st, 2nd,
and 3rd place teams receive a trophy.

I am very proud of all of these students for the hard work
and dedication to the engineering and technology programs
in Fannin County. Unlike sporting events, these students
compete with students from all public and private schools
regardless of size or classification. These students competed
against the best and brightest from the largest schools in
the State of Georgia, as well as with the dedicated STEM
and College and Career Academies. Earning a top 20 finish
is difficult, landing in the top 10 is spectacular, and walking
away with a trophy is a wonderful achievement!

The technology future is bright in Fannin County!

More information on TSA can be found at: and

FCMS – Results:
3rd Place – Problem Solving – Connor Kyle and Bryce Mitchell
4th Place – Computer Aided Design Foundations – Connor Kyle
5th Place – First Lego League Robotics – Carnaceo Dixon, Enola Patterson, Connor Kyle, Aiden Carder, Crews Chastain, Mikayla Holloway, Wyatt Payne, Bryce Mitchell,
Keton Wilson, and Vince Foster
6th Place – Flight Endurance – Crews Chastain
6th Place – Dragster Design – Vince Foster
13th Place – Flight Endurance – Bryce Mitchell
13th Place – Dragster Design – Connor Kyle
Best in Show – Middle School Dragster – Vince Foster
FCHS – Results:
4th Place – Technology Bowl – John Moler, Bryce Ware, and James Kyle
7th Place – IT Fundamentals – John Moler
7th Place – Flight Endurance – Rob Russell
8th Place – Dragster Design – Brayden Foster
11th Place – Technology Problem Solving – Bryce Ware and James Kyle
12th Place – Board Game Design – Logan Martin and James Kyle
13th Place – Chapter Team – Logan Martin, Isaiah Cargle, Christian Jensen, John Moler, Bryce Ware, and James Kyle
15th Place – Dragster Design – Cooper Brooks
16th Place – Essays on Technology – Luke Pelfrey
19th Place – Technology Bowl Written Exam – Bryce Ware
19th Place – Biotechnology Design – Logan Martin and Sam Jabaley

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