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New hotel boasts Blue Ridge’s first rooftop bar with mountain views

By Elaine Owen, Editor —

A new hotel in Blue Ridge promises to offer the area’s first mountain view as seen from a rooftop bar.

Hampton Inn by Hilton has broken ground in Blue Ridge, Chattanooga- based Vision Hospitality Group Inc. and Blue Ridge Hotel LLC announced Thursday (Feb. 13). The hotel is scheduled to open this summer with the rooftop bar and 1,200 square feet of meeting space.

Situated at 30 West Main St. in downtown Blue Ridge, Hampton Inn will come with all the expected features in modern lodging: free WiFi, a 24-hour business center, fitness center and outdoor patio. The hotel will include 109 rooms, and its location offers close access to the city’s drinking and dining options. Businesses such as Harvest on Main and C Bolt’s restaurants, Das Kaffee Haus and Blue Ridge Brewery are within a few blocks of the building’s address.

“Hampton Inn by Hilton Blue Ridge will be a great addition to Blue Ridge,” Mitch Patel, president and chief executive officer of Vision Hospitality Group, said in a statement. “The hotel introduces the area’s first rooftop bar and will be the only hotel with walkable access to all the restaurants, galleries and shops that make Blue Ridge such a popular destination. We are excited to join this wonderful community with one of the most desirable brands in the hospitality industry.”

5 thoughts on “New hotel boasts Blue Ridge’s first rooftop bar with mountain views

  1. The rest of us do NOT tolerate this last post . You disregard someone like his view . We love everyone . It’s not about what he spouted out about . It takes a whole council and lots of things to make decisions .

  2. Killing our beautiful small town with another stupid bar . We need industry and infrastructure and places to park .. we need something for locals, NOT out of town people . We need a new city council to change this . We hate it .

  3. Like we need another stupid bar in blue ridge. For all the faggits and queer and lezbos to drink and get drunk in our small little town. That Nathan Fag Fits has turn into a gay town with all his land sales to queers. But it will all change one day if we all have to burn it down burn it down burn it down you know like that song burning it down……

    1. Rebel boy , please dont talk like this about anyone . Just stay to the issue at hand . The bar we dont need . Thank you .

    2. Rebelboy sounds like a messed up, hate-filled person. Sure hope he doesn’t consider himself a good Christian or patriotic American.

      The hotel and bar will benefit the community with increased visitation by people who have money to spend, local sales, and tax revenue.

      As someone who has done business with Nathan Fitts over many years, I know Nathan to be a fine person and excellent businessman. Maybe rebelboy is jealous of Nathan’s popularity and success.

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