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House Speaker honors Rep. Jay Powell

On the first day of the 2020 legislative session, House Speaker David Ralston honored former Rep. Jay Powell.

Powell, 67, was Chairman of the House Rules Committee. He died Nov. 26, 2019 after collapsing at a GOP leadership caucus retreat.

Ralston said Powell loved the Georgia House of Representatives. “He regarded it as a place where good, sound policy was formulated, not a place to be burned down. For members who sincerely wanted to understand the legislative process, there was not a better member of this body,” he said.

Ralston said that Powell was “truly a son of Southwest Georgia” and worked hard to revitalize rural areas across the state.

“As a founder of the House Rural Development Council back in 2017, he brought an intense passion and unrivaled work ethic to the goals they already set,” Ralston said.

“And I want to tell you today that because of Jay Powell’s leadership, Southwest Georgia, and particularly future generations of young people there, will have greater opportunities and a better quality of life.”

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