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Senator David Perdue: Gridlock Is Endangering The Country

“We cannot take our voluntary force for granted.
We have to take care of our people in uniform.”

– U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, joined his colleagues in speaking on the Senate floor to underscore the need for consistent defense funding and encourage bipartisan support for the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

He said, “The world continues to become more and more dangerous, yet here we are in the second month of our fiscal year under a continuing resolution. CRs are devastating to our military.

This is the 187th time since the 1974 Budget Act was put in place that we have resorted to a CR.”

Blocking Pay Raise For Troops: “Under this continuing resolution, we are not able to give a 3.1 percent pay raise, the largest in ten years, to our military. We are not able to improve military housing, but we are obliged to keep spending $4 billion a year right now on obsolete programs that the Defense Department doesn’t even want. This is ludicrous.”

Bipartisan Support In The Senate: “Right now, Congress is in gridlock. We ne-gotiated the defense bill in the Senate Armed Services Committee, and we took it very seriously. The committee reached agreement with bipartisan support to defend our military and to make sure that they are able to do the things they must do to make us competitive and defend our country.”

All Volunteer Force: “We need to modernize our force and do it right now. This NDAA allows us to do that.

We need to rationalize our expenditures to make sure every dime we’re spending in our military is spent appropriately.

We have a voluntary force and can never take that for granted. We have to take care of our people in uniform wherever they are in the world. That means supporting their mental health, their physical health, and their housing.”

Gridlock Endangering Our Country: “I come from a state that has nine military installations. We take national defense very seriously in Georgia and always have.

People are concerned that this gridlock is endangering our country. It’s time we get together, pass this NDAA, and move onto the appropriations packages. People back home are watching, our military are watching, and most importantly, our potential adversaries are watching.”

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