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Madison Denton wins the title of Miss FCHS

By Bree Collar, Fannin Sentinel Staff Writer

The annual Miss FCHS (Fannin County High School) pageant glittered with sequins and smiles Nov. 16 as 12 contestants competed in the Great Gatsby Roaring 1920s themed event.
The Pageant gives the winning students a chance to represent their school in community events and parades throughout the 2019-2020 school year.

Madison Denton, daughter of Brian and Kim Denton, took the title of Miss FCHS last Saturday, having sailed through the private interview, casual and
formal wear, as well as the talent portion of the show.
Denton showed off her musical pipes singing “More Like Her” by Miranda Lambert as she played acoustic guitar.

“This is an opportunity for students to showcase their talents and get to know other students in the school,” Pageant Director Lauren Owenby said.
Denton said, “Serving as Miss FCHS could help me, personally, to increase my confidence and experience in public speaking.”

Serving as a positive role model is something Denton feels the title encompasses as she represents the high school this school year.

She said, “I believe my title can help me to inspire other girls who are too scared to enter the pageant and let them know that anybody, of all backgrounds or interests, can achieve things like this.”

Second runner up was senior Patience Giet and first runner up was junior Courtney Tamberino.

Other titles and awards given that evening included: Most Photogenic, junior Larissa Hughes; Miss Congeniality and recipient of the Hannah’s Helping Hand Scholarship, Tamberino; Best Interview, Denton, and People’s Choice, Kharcee-Lane Hughes.

The 12 students participating in the annual pageant competing for a spot in the top seven were: seniors Morgan Mull, Giet and Abigail O’Neal; juniors Tamberino, Allison Nuckolls, Kennedy Lawrence, Katilyn Green, Larissa Hughes; 10th graders Kharcee-Lane Hughes and Laci Pack; and ninth graders Denton and Dadrian Flowers.

After the casual and formal wear portions of the evening, judges deliberated, having personally met with and interviewed contestants earlier in the day, choosing Tamberino, O’Neal, Denton, Hughes, Giet, Nuckolls and Flowers to move on to the talent portion and finalist round.
Drama Teacher and Thespian Society Adviser Todd Geren guided evening entertainment that included dance numbers and piano performances, along with a personal solo when extra time lapsed between the competition.

Escorts for the contestants included Grayson Carter, Connor Davis, and Christian Geren.

This was Owenby’s first year coordinating the pageant. She is a high school teacher working as the Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Adviser. She works in early childhood education and nutrition and food science.

FCCLA is the sponsor of the Miss FCHS Pageant. “All earnings go toward their (FCCLA) organization,” Owenby said.

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