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The Amazing Story of Easter

If you ask children what Easter is about, they would probably say something about the Easter Bunny. It’s a pervasive story. Not very persuasive or compelling, but cute and seemingly harmless enough. But the story of the Easter Bunny tends to displace a much more compelling story. A true story. An Amazing Story that can […]

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Pope Francis

Vatican summit: ‘We must repent’

ASSOCIATED PRESS NEWS Pope Francis made it clear: He expects more than talk from the historic summit he’s called to deal with the Catholic Church’s clergy sex abuse crisis. He wants “concrete and effective” results. Francis started things off by floating some proposals, including creating a kind of handbook church leaders could use when abuse […]

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Martin L King

A Message in Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 90th Birthday

January 21, 2019 ATLANTA, GA – Attorney General Chris Carr today attended the Martin Luther King, Jr. Annual Commemorative Service at Ebenezer Baptist Church. He shared the following message with attendees: Good morning! It is truly an honor to be invited again to be a part of the celebration of Dr. King’s 90th birthday. As […]

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Emma Gonzalez

Florida school massacre: Students lead fightback against US gun culture

BY JACQUI GODDARD, LONDON TIMES ~~ Children at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland long for the days when the definition of adversity was a failed science experiment. After the massacre of 17 pupils and staff, it is now measured by the body count of their dead friends, by funerals, grieving families, post-traumatic stress, […]

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Sessions says Trump directed him to issue guidance on religious liberty protections

Executive order grants religious organizations and churches leeway in political activities, such as endorsing candidates President Trump has directed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to issue new guidance to government agencies for interpreting federal religious liberty protections. The attorney general revealed the directive Tuesday in a speech to the conservative Christian legal group Alliance Defending Freedom. […]

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Why we need Easter more than ever this year

By Joshua DuBois ~~ If there was ever a year we needed Easter, it is this one. If there was ever a time for a Resurrection, it is now. We walk streets and navigate spaces more divided than ever. A steady series of tremors move along our major fault lines—race, gender, class, immigration status, religion, sexual […]

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