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~ Dora Walters
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Cell:  706-455-4521 Email:

Office: 706-258-3406 or 706-632-6564
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P.O. Box 799  Blue Ridge, GA 30513

The Fannin Sentinel (USPS # 024-582) is published weekly each Thursday by Fannin Sentinel at P.O. Box 799, Blue Ridge, GA 30513. Subscriptions are $15 for 1 year in Fannin County; $45 out of area. Single copy rate is 50¢. Periodical postage is paid at Blue Ridge, GA. To subscribe: call 706-258-3406

Directions to Office:
Our office is located at 33 State St. in Blue Ridge, GA. State Street is off of First Street. Landmarks to look for: Hewitt-Jackson Tax and Circle J Steakhouse.

If you pass Hewitt-Jackson or Circle J you’ve gone too far.

4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your newspaper. Look forward to reading it every week. One of my favorite articles is The Mountain Creek Rambler. I love the way Mr. Vineyard tells his stories. Great imagery!

  2. The more of Gary Gobeo’s columns I read, the more I miss John Mullinix and his researched, fact based, authorities cited, opinion pieces.

  3. Dear Sentinel,

    Thrilled to see Noey Vineyard as an addition to your paper. Mountain Creek Rambler is a great column and I love the images that his writing brings out. He has the ability to create vivid images of our town and surrounding area. Count me as a fan and I hope to read your paper for a long time to come.

    Judena Beardmore

    1. We are honored to have Noey writing for the Sentinel. His stories evoke images of mountain life–the dog, the horse, the streams. His ramblings bring out the best of Fannin County and we are happy to share with our wonderful community!


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