Deal to Explore Health Care options after GOP bill fails

Gov. Nathan Deal said he will explore Georgia’s health care options now that Congressional efforts to repeal ObamaCare have stalled.
Deal had asked state lawmakers to wait and see what happened to health care at the federal level before making any big policy changes in the state.
Now, Deal said his administration has to look at all possibilities, including Medicaid waivers. Waivers would give Georgia access to federal funds and flexibility in how the state would like to spend them.
“We have not formulated any proposals at this point in time. But the waivers will primarily be restricted to our Medicaid program,” Deal said.
Deal said the state can’t afford to meet requirements for Medicaid expansion under ObamaCare, such as coverage mandates.
Georgia is one of 19 states that did not expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.
The state still has a high rate of uninsured people and hospitals in rural areas have struggled to make ends meet.