Congressman Collins discusses North Georgia broadband

The quality of broadband service in North Georgia is important to our Congressman, Doug Collins. Wanting to target leading companies that provide quality broadband service, Congressman Collins met with ETC to discuss the broadband needs of North Georgians as well as the challenges in delivering affordable quality service. The dependence on broadband Internet has grown dramatically over the past decade. Now a hot-button topic, broadband Internet is critical for small and large businesses.
ETC President, Doug Harrison stated, “Great opportunities are available in our area because ETC offers broadband speeds with which businesses can operate. However, reliability and service quality are critical factors on which ETC continues to focus.” Combining fast broadband speeds with reliable service and affordability is what Congressman Collins is seeking.
One of the challenges facing service providers, like ETC, is the cost of deploying and maintaining broadband services to areas where the population density is not enough to cover the expense. Service providers cannot afford to expand and upgrade unless help is available to offset these costs.
The solution is not an easy one. Congressman Collins is gathering information from leading communication companies in the North Georgia area. He desires to better understand the challenges facing service providers while searching for solutions to provide for Georgia residents who want affordable quality broadband service.
To contact Congressman Collins, call 202-225-9893 / Fax 202-226-1224.