Saturday Road Trip exciting and fun

Sleepy Hollow Fairyland Garden

Sleepy Hollow Fairyland Garden

By Dora Walters, Sentinel Senior Writer: 

Road trip. Immediately one thinks of a long distance trip. But sometimes a road trip of a morning, an afternoon, or a day really can be as much fun as a long haul junket.

Saturday morning a friend and I embarked by car with our destination the Crane Creek Vineyard in Young Harris. At the vineyard on Saturdays, in addition to the Tasting Room, a Soup Kitchen luncheon is served.

But we had stops in between. Leaving around 9 a.m., we headed east on Rt. 515 and then 76 with our first stop within a half hour. It was the Farmer’s Market in Blairsville. It was a hubbub of activity as local farmers brought in their freshly picked produce; area beekeepers had jars and jars of golden honey, colorful pots of mums and sunflowers, organic eggs, lamb and chicken–and if you were hungry for a second breakfast, coffee and all the extras could be found. Lots of homemade crafts were displayed and many browsers chose to get an early start on their Christmas shopping.

Back on the road again, we spotted a colorful roadside sign, “Sleepy Hollow.” We drove up a steep driveway for a look-see.

What a surprise! It was a whimsical fairyland with oodles of fairy houses and a fairy garden bursting with bright blooms. Walk down Fairy Lane and see the delightful fairy houses, big and small; all the work of former Disney Artisan Art Millican, Jr., solely designed to bring out the child in all of us. Take your time to browse and you will find the perfect house to take home for the fairies in your garden. In addition there is an art supply shop plus other items, should you want to create your fantasy garden.

Sleepy Hollow is a family business and is open seven days a week, 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. There is no admission charge.

Within 20 minutes we are in Young Harris, at the turn off to the Crane Creek Vineyard. Just 3.7 miles according to a posted sign.

The two lane road winds through rolling hills and meadows and soon we are there.

A spacious parking lot is just outside the entrance. Take a moment as you walk up the driveway for your first glimpse of the neat rows of bushy green grape vines. Harvest time won’t be before late August or September.

Stop at the Tasting Room located in a small house and a smiling bartender will serve you a sparkling glass of wine. Glass in hand, choose one of the decks and select a comfortable chair and table. Checking the Soup Kitchen menu, the choice of the day is a vegetable pasta salad. Just perfect to enjoy with your wine or without.

The decks overlook a great portion of the vineyard, as well as a small pond. The rows and rows of grapes are a delight to the eye.

Relax as long as you like and enjoy the gentle ambiance of the vineyard. Established in 1999, the vineyard is a 40 acre farm with 28 acres in grapes. Thirteen varieties of grapes are grown and the wine, of course, is made on the premises. During the wine making season, tours are scheduled to observe the process. Also on the property is a small guest house.

When you’re ready to leave, stop at the Tasting Room and take home a bottle or two of wine for yourself or a friend who missed your vineyard experience.

Back in the car, it’s an hour and twenty minute ride back to Blue Ridge. Or a bit longer if you take time to enjoy the mountain views along the way.