Life in the Country by Dora Walters


Jake and Lottee

Birth announcement from Petunia Possum

To: Morganton Homeowners Association

From: Jake, Head of Security Memo #11

First news first. Bobbie Joe Don is gone. I supervised his move late Friday. He did leave a bunch of junk but I arranged with my neighbor Andrew when he makes his weekly trip to the dump with his big truck to take it along. Good riddance I say!

I do want to share this e-mail I received from Petunia Possum. And I do wish she would stop calling me Jakie.

“Dear Jakie:

This is just an informal birth announcement. The possumettes arrived on Friday, the 13th (I do hope that’s not bad luck.) It was an easy delivery. I just made it to the maternity ward at the animal hospital. My obstetrician unfortunately was out of town but a very nice vet nurse practitioner handled everything.

Paulinita, Pawlinita and Jakie going to grocery store dumpster with Petunia.

Paulinita, Pawlinita and Jakie going to grocery store dumpster with Petunia.

Everyone is fine. I finally decided on names for the two girls–Paulinita and Pawlinita and of course, the boy is Jakie. I must say he is the best looking of the trio and I really believe the smartest. Why wouldn’t he be? Look who he’s named after. I have been meaning to ask you, but I got so busy moving and all that…would you be his godfather? I think he really will need a man’s look-see as he grows up. Certainly that deadbeat husband of mine obviously isn’t going to be around and anyway, he is pretty useless.

I am having a bit of problem managing by myself. Getting to the grocery store dumpster is a distance from me and quite inconvenient. I don’t think the possumettes will be able to make the trip at least not for sometime.

Also my apartment is rather close to 515 and I am concerned the possumettes might wander down the lane to the highway. Too much traffic for their safety.

So, what I’m getting to, Jakie dear, do you think the Morganton Community Homeowners Association would consider letting me come back to my old apartment? I promise I wouldn’t climb the lattice to the back porch and scarf up the scattered bird seed. And, I wouldn’t stare through the glass door at you and Lottee. Or maybe your neighbor, Richard, who is moving to Santa Barbara, California, might have a bit of spot for us. As he will be gone, there should be lots of room.

It would be some time before I could move the whole family but I really hope the Association will take my request under consideration. I am sure I can find some references if they require them.

I do have to run. It’s feeding time and they all have voracious appetites.

Toodle Loo from all of us.

Your friend,

Petunia Possum.”

Addendum by Jake

I suggest we put this matter on the back burner for awhile, Petunia is a bit spacey and is wont to change her mind frequently. Let’s cross that bridge when it occurs.


Head of Security